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The use of blockchain supply chain replaces the manual and slow processes in the supply chain, bolsters traceability, curtails cost, and simplifies the complex supply chain cycles.

With Lotanchain blockchain innovations in the supply chain, enhancement of business values is propelled by increasing supply chain transparency, reducing risk, improving efficiency and overall supply chain management.

With this migration to the blockchain supply chain, less administrative work is required while maximum security is guaranteed with transparency being a key feature.


  • Solving supplier’s problems.
  • Customer service performance improvement.
  • Reduction of pre & post production inventory.
  • Minimizing variance by means of activities like standardization, variety reduction, etc.
  • Achieving maximum efficiency in using labour, capital & plant through the company.

Key Features

These are the major roles and features of the use of blockchain in improving supply chain processes.

Development of Smart Contracts

Handle your suppliers and keep them in check to receive products and make payment without delay


Migration to Supply Chain Blockchain

Promote participation of your suppliers and logistical partners in a decentralized ecosystem


Real-time tracking of Shipments and Orders

Authenticate your suppliers, logistical partners and track your orders in real-time to make smart decisions


Create Roadmap for Your Logistics

Validate alternative routes to reach customers faster or receive materials quickly at an optimal cost


Inventory Management

Automatic maintenance of inventory to re-stock your inventory without delay for a smooth operability


Development of Hyperledger

Create an open source distributed ledger infrastructure to coordinate supply chain operations



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