About Lotancoin

LotanCoin (LTN) is a digital currency developed based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. LTN serves as the payment token for the sole purpose of transactions on the LotanChain network.

LTN is the only transactional token for the smart contracts implemented by the LotanChain blockchain and the various innovative solutions executed across industries, enterprises, government & the society by LotanChain.

With LotanCoin serving as a payment token across the LotanChain use cases, faster, less-cost and secure transactions on the LotanChain network are guaranteed, such as service rendering, purchases, sales & other transactions solely based on LotanChain.

Token Economics

LotanChain and Use Cases

Maximum Total Supply

LotanChain currently utilizes its native LotanCoin token as the sole token on its network. The chain then uses the promise of receiving reward tokens as an incentive for validators to produce new blocks and submit responses to data requests. Additionally, network participants will be able to use LotanCoin in 3 ways:

  • Token holders can use the tokens they own to become validators.
  • Token holders can use the tokens in LotanChain usecase products.
  • They can also use their tokens to participate in the chain’s governance.
  • Some token holders will ultimately take the hodl approach.

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A technical overview of the Nano and the original design for modern digital money.

Protocol changes have been made since last update in November 2017. Updates are pending.

Lotanchain Roadmap


Under Consideration

  • Exchange Platform


  • Education Certificate DAPP
  • LTN Rewards POS DAPP

Under Development

  • Supply Chain DAPP
  • UTXO Hybrid BTC/ETH Blockchain
  • Rebrand/ReFocus
  • New Website
  • New Whitepaper


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