LotanTask is a peer-to-peer freelancing marketplace platform, which connects freelancers and clients from around the world using the advantages of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology.


Freelancing in today's world strategically enhances the productivity and efficiency of organizations using the numerous advantages of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Minimize your workload, smash your goals or get your job done by using our peer-to-peer freelancing marketplace platform which connects clients with freelancers from All over the world.

With our Intelligent systems at LotanTask, we get you matched with the right client as a freelancer or get your job done efficiently with the required talent & skillset by connecting you to a professional freelancer in LotanTask freelancing marketplace.


  • Intelligent staffing platform with matching algorithm.
  • Workload optimization platform of your resources.
  • Freelancer Management System Platform (FMS).
  • Skills mapping platform for internal or external resources.
  • Advanced talent search engine.

Key Features

These are the major roles and features of Freelancing using smart contracts & Blockchain technology.

Communication Skills

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are in constant communication with their clients



You don’t need to wear a suit to work if you don’t want to. You do, however, have to be professional



you have to be persistent in marketing and sales. To deliver value for your clients, you have to be persistent about doing the best work that you can do.



Validate alternative routes to reach customers faster or receive materials quickly at an optimal cost


Project bidding

Unlike micro services, projects here are bigger in scale. Outsourcing fee is higher, so employers need to consider and choose which freelancer to assign the task to


Project Workspace

This function increases working effectiveness between project owner and freelancer. Here the two exchange messages, deliver the results and manage the project progress



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